How To Build A Coffee Table

How To Build A Coffee Table

A solid-wood java table at a Craftsman-inspired layout is. This one, made by Build-Basic blogger Jenn Largesse, comes together quickly with a very simple joinery technique, while its splayed thighs, faux-tenon particulars, and faux-breadboard finishes give the illusion of woodworking. Use No. 2 walnut, as Largesse failed, and timber prices top out at roughly $45. Here is a synopsis of the project; locate a comprehensive step-by-step, programs, and a cut list in build-basic. com.

Utilize a pocket-hole jig to drill angled holes to the 1 1⁄4-inch pocket screws which secure all those parts of the table.

Construct the Base

Attach the faux-tenon cubes, after the angle of the thighs. Put the slats -inch gap between the adhesive.

How To Build A Coffee Table

Build the Very Best

Organize the planks lengthwise; adhesive and pocket-screw the borders together. Secure and glue vertical breadboards using a framework of 1x2s; trimming the meeting at each end. To permit motion that is seasonal, utilize figure-8 attachments to attach the tabletop. Stain and top-coat as wanted.

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